New Leaders

[Daddy] Hexxel FOUNDERYouTube posted Sep 9, 18

As some of you know there's been changes to the clan, I'm pleased to announce the new leaders! There is also a new Z3 roster. 

Z3 Leaders:



Emnas Leaders:



Congrats to everyone!

captaincrazybro Congratulations!!!
RaamsesH3X Nice :d

Hey everyone! There are going to be some changes to the 5v5. Due to not having enough players, if you want to join in the 5v5 please message me or Godly or comment down bellow. First come first serve. Also, the time has been moved to 1:00 PM EST. And, just as a reminder, even if you aren't in the 5v5 you can still come since we will be doing some fun stuff afterwards. Thank you, and good day! :D

Hello friends! We have decided that this Saturday at 1:00 PM EST will be the date of the event. If you aren't in the 5v5 you can still come. We will be having some fun stuff for you afterwards. Good day, and enjoy :D

Hello everyone! We have gotten some people that might be able to join from each tier.

Tier 4;

Dav425H3X (I think)





BelnapZ3 (leader for the now)

Tier 3; 






Godly (leader)

I am going to list some possible dates for the 5v5. 

Saturday 8/11/18 some time between early morning to late afternoon (EST)

Sunday 8/12/18 some time in the afternoon to evening

Please comment down bellow if that will work for you guys (in the 5v5).

By the way, if you aren't in the 5v5 you can still come, we are going to be doing some fun stuff afterwards


captaincrazybro posted Aug 3, 18

Hello all! I am sad to say that our beloved iCharnanderZ3 is leaving us, paintball and probably Minecraft in general. So, Z3 is looking for another leader to help out Godly. You can apply for it by applying with the staff application: We will also be making some changes to H3X and Z3 that will be revealed in later announcements. Thank you and good day!