H3XFN Active cheek

Joe ADMINFN Leader posted Dec 5, 18  -  fornite

Hey guys, H3X has been inactive for some time now and now i am coming back to fortnite and playing with the clan. M and H3X Dragon have been talking about it and want to recruit more and do a cheek to see how many people are active for the fortnite part of the clan. 

If you are in the fortnite part of the clan DM me to stay in the clan but if i do not get a responce tommorow night you be removed from the clan but you still may join back. If you are willing to help me recruit let me know but if you also interested in joining the clan use this link


H3XFN Needs you!

Joe ADMINFN Leader posted Oct 5, 18

He guys H3XFN Is looking for skilled players as were are currently running small so we are asking you skilled players to join the squad and compete with us to be a great clan. if you are interested in joining the clan please join here- https://www.h3x-z3.com/application-

H3XFN New co-leader1

Joe ADMINFN Leader posted Oct 5, 18

Hey guys I am looking for a new co leader for H3XFN. The reason i need this is because i will be inactive for a couple weeks and i need someone the keep us up to date and you will get to stay co leader too!

The way you can verify is if you go to the website aplication page and sign up for H3X then fortnite. once you aplify you will have to fully join the clan first then you will be able to join co.

Good luck 

Hey everyone! I'm very pleased to announce that FireriderH3X and FemaleA1 will be now leading our Cake Wars branch. They will be officially "starting it up".

New Leaders

[Daddy] Hexxel FOUNDERYouTube posted Sep 9, 18

As some of you know there's been changes to the clan, I'm pleased to announce the new leaders! There is also a new Z3 roster. 

Z3 Leaders:



Emnas Leaders:



Congrats to everyone!

captaincrazybro Congratulations!!!
RaamsesH3X Nice :d